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High School


Santa Amália School launches its High School Your child’s future is here at Santa Amália High School Maple Bear! The curriculum adopted at Maple Bear is duly compliant with the National Educational Guidelines Act enforced by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC), on which the Canadian bilingual teaching methodology is applied. In Santa Amália, the […]

Middle School – Y6 to Y9


Through an up to date curriculum, in a bilingual program, our work aims to encourage enthusiasm for knowledge in both languages.

Elementary – Y1 to Y5


At six years old, starting elementary school is a very special moment for the child. They leave preschool to discover new spaces, new subjects and conquer more autonomy.

Early Childhood


Themed activities, playing, reading and conversation circles, music and math challenges, encourage reasoning and communication between the children and the teacher.


The Maple Bear Methodology

Maple Bear provides an innovative early childhood and elementary education curriculum which is based on a course developed by Canadian experts on education.


A bilingual school offers an appropriate environment for the development of listening, speaking, writing and thinking in both languages.

Full Time

This program includes educational projects, recreation, homework counseling and healthy eating encouragement.

The Family as a Partner

Constant dialogue between the school and the families promotes mutual trust which is much needed for the success of our students education.

Extracurricular Activities

After classes, Colégio Santa Amália offers optional extracurricular courses that improve responsibility, Independence and sociability.

Education Through Sports

Colégio Santa Amália encourages sports and physical activities within the school. PE teachers design programs that will awaken the student’s interest in sports in general.




Founded in 1929 by Liga Solidária, Colégio Santa Amália follows its founders mission, emphasizing an integral education for its students, developing essential values for citizens with integrity, solidarity and fairness.

Today, Colégio Santa Amália is one of the most traditional schools in São Paulo. With a solid base, it’s constantly looking to improve its program to better serve the expectations of students and parents.

Our Bilingual branch in Tatuapé was opened in 2000, and is certified by Maple Bear. Our students are educated in English and Portuguese to answer to society’s demands in the academic, communications, technology and social fields.