Early Childhood

At Colégio Santa Amália Maple Bear, children are immersed in an environment where English is the most used language for communication 90% of the time. Themed activities, playing, reading and conversation circles, music and math challenges, among other things, stimulate reasoning and communication between the children and the teacher.



Portuguese is used in PE and Brazilian Culture classes, where the child shares classic games, stories, myths and songs. All students have music lessons and PE with specialized teachers.


Through Learning Centers, the classrooms are designed to tend to every need and interest of the students, according to age.

  • Math Center
  • Reading Center
  • Sand and Water Center
  • Science and Experiment Center
  • Writing Center
  • Art Center
  • Building Center
  • Make Believe Center
  • Game Center

To express yourself verbally in a second language, like English, is essential for the success of future education, and promotes:

  • More creativity and the ability to analyze and compare concepts
  • Consistent and coordinated verbal constructions
  • Ease for deducting rules
  • Perception of and experience with different cultures
  • The ability to perform mathematical and logical operations
  • Our students are alphabetized at around the age of 6 in their first language, Portuguese. English alphabetization happens immediately after


Age to be reached until March 30th.

  • Toddler – 2 years old
  • Nursery – 3 years old
  • Junior – 4 years old
  • Intermediate – 5 years old


Regular: 7:45AM to 12:15PM / 1:15PM to 5:45PM

Full Time: 7AM to 7PM

Semi Full Time: 7:45AM to 3:10PM / 10:30AM to 5:45PM


Eugênia de Oliveira Zago
Beatriz Ramirez


Andréia Aguirre Silva

At Colégio Santa Amália Maple Bear, your child will have:

  • Teachers who are fluent in English and have certified experience in Early Childhood Education, with training from Canadian and Brazilian professionals
  • Individual care and attention
  • A welcoming learning environment, immersed in the English language
  • Spacious, welcoming and confortable classrooms, which are organized in Learning Centers
  • A playground designed for the student’s age group
  • Learning resources such as Brazilian and imported books, toys and materials for exploring and discovery
  • Full Time option
  • Computer in every classroom
  • Bilingual Early Childhood Education