Elementary – Y1 to Y5

A world to be discovered

At six years old, starting elementary school is a very special moment for the child. They leave preschool to discover new spaces, new subjects and conquer more autonomy.


From 7 to 10 years of age, children make great discoveries about social living, about themselves and the world, in addition to improving their skill to understand more complex concepts, identifying each area of knowledge. Colégio Santa Amália has developed a special program for the earlier stages of Elementary school, so as to balance shared work, team work, guidance and support in research and individual studying. With team work, we provide a better understanding of existing concepts. We also support the development of organization and conflict management skills.


EnsinoFundamental1_Texto2This stage of learning also represents a threshold for autonomy and individual responsibility. It is the moment when the student is challenged to get organized and slowly take up more responsibility. They will begin organizing their own time, school materials and homework.

One of the biggest challenges in this program is developing in each student the skill to learn and relate knowledge and experiences. A stimulating environment and dynamic classes favor learning and knowledge building.

Interdisciplinary projects also allow the students to make associations and correlate diferente subjects.


Regular:7:10AM to 12:40PM / 1PM to 6:30PM

Full Time: 7AM to 7PM

Semi Full Time: 7:10AM to 3:10PM / 10:30AM to 6:30PM

Extended period – once a week for each Year, from 9AM to 6:30PM and from 7:10AM to 4:40PM


Danielle Renny
Flávia Maria da Silva
Natália Ferreira

pedagogical advisor

Cátia de Freitas Alves


Andréia Aguirre Silva

At Colégio Santa Amália Maple Bear, your child will have:

  • Respect to their individuality
  • Field trips
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Various school events
  • Technology as a resource for improving knowledge
  • Spacious, welcoming and confortable classrooms, which are organized in Learning Centers
  • Learning resources such as Brazilian and imported books, toys and materials for exploring and discovery
  • A playground specifically designed for the student’s age group
  • A Library equipped with a rich collection of books both in English and in Portuguese
  • Computer in every classroom