Middle School – Y6 to Y9


Through an up to date curriculum, in a bilingual program, our work aims to encourage enthusiasm for knowledge in both languages to educate competent citizens who are in tune with a globalized society’s demands.

Our faculty is composed of specialist teachers who optimize an integration between both curriculums and increases comprehension opportunities in every subject and activity.

From Year 6 to Year 9, Colégio Santa Amália’s goal is to take the students to a new level of intellectual and social development, preparing them to feel confident with simple and complex problem solving with an increasing will to learn and improve.

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Year 6 is a very special moment, when the student begins a new dynamics in his school routine. Facing this new stage calls for maturing and more personal organization. In this moment, the students begin working with a larger number of teachers.


Regular: 7:30AM to 13:10PM


Jacira Motta

Pedagogical Advisor:

Sueli Garcia



Andréia Aguirre Silva

At Colégio Santa Amália Maple Bear, your child will have:

  • Respect to their individuality
  • Field trips
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Tutoring: close supervision of the learning process and the student’s attitude and constant feedback to the parents regarding the evolution in learning
  • Exchange Trips with learning purposes
  • Exams in test form, in preparation for “vestibular”
  • A Library equipped with a rich collection of books both in English and in Portuguese
  • Various school events
  • Lab classes
  • Computer in every classroom