High School

Santa Amália School launches its High School

Your child’s future is here at Santa Amália High School Maple Bear!

The curriculum adopted at Maple Bear is duly compliant with the National Educational Guidelines Act enforced by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC), on which the Canadian bilingual teaching methodology is applied. In Santa Amália, the student receive the certificate by the Government of Canada, with the Brazilian graduation and official Manitoba certification (Manitoba Certificate Program).

The English language developed by the Canadian methodology is very clear and uniform, which stimulates children to explore intellectual, social and cultural skills. Here, the students find a balanced curriculum, formed by the classic and contemporary disciplines.

Please, analyse our differentials at Santa Amália High School and ensure the best for your child.

  • Develops the programming proposed by the National Curricular Parameters/MEC;
  • Offers the contents of the Brazilian High School preparing the students for entrance exams and ENEM;
  • Based on the Canadian program (Canada stands out as a well-placed country in the World Education ranking);
  • Practices the same level and quality of English language instruction as is provided to students in Canadian High School;
  • Offers a course entitled “Life Career Plan” aimed at preparing students for their professional future, guiding their choices;
  • Maintains all the features that make a difference in a student’s education; classes taught by native Canadian teachers and certified by the Government of Manitoba;
  • Ensures entry into Canadian universities upon completion of high school;
  • Continued use of technology in the classrooms; the talk, discussions and debate, gain emphasis.