The Family as a Partner

Building and maintaining a strong and close relationship with the students’ families creates a cooperative partnership, of understanding and reflection about our children’s educational process. Constant dialogue between the school and the families promotes mutual trust which is much needed for the success of our students education project.

Opening the School Year

During the first meetings of the year, parents of Colégio Santa Amália’s students are welcomed by teachers and coordinators, to present the guidelines of each course. This is a moment for conversation and exchange, and the beginning of a bond which will be strengthened throughout the year.


Permanent Contact

Throughout the entire school year, the student’s performance is closely watched by teachers and coordinators. If need be, these professionals will call the parents in to talk about the kind of support the student needs to reach better results in school. These meetings may also happen at any time at the request of the parents. Each trimester, all the parents take part in scheduled meetings, when the results from the previous term are discussed.

The school promotes various events along the year which include the participation of the parents, such as the Cultural Fair and Santa Amália In Concert.