The Maple Bear Methodology

Maple Bear provides an innovative early childhood and elementary education curriculum which is based on a course developed by Canadian experts on education. The program builds a solid foundation for every aspect of student development: intellectual, creative, emotional, social and physical as well as providing a concrete foundation for a more stimulating and effective learning.

Teachers at Maple Bear Brazil, besides having a degree in Brazilian higher education institutions, are part of an ongoing professional development program where orientation from Canadian specialists is provided in order to ensure the understanding of the Maple Bear program and learning of new teaching strategies.

  1. Canadian education is holistic, that means, in its teaching system the child learning takes place in all spheres: physical, intellectual, emotional and social
  2. The program uses an integrated teaching approach. The subjects are not separated but they complement each other within the thematic units. This way, new concepts are introduced during planned activities for small groups or the whole class
  3. The children’s individual characteristics and rhythm are taken into account. Through works performed in the activity centers, the children are given the opportunity to explore their world in a practical way at their own pace, allowing the teacher to observe every child individually
  4. During class, self expression and creativity are encouraged
  5. The environment is stimulating, safe and well organized
  6. Communication is a priority
  7. The focus within the classroom is to support children in acquiring, at each stage of development, all math and literacy skills appropriate for their age

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