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  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary School – Y1 to Y5
  • Elementary School – Y6 to Y9


  • Initial interview and a tour of the facilities;
  • Meeting or an interview with the Coordinator;
  • Admissions activity for students in Y2 and on (bring a copy of the student’s report card)
  • Reservation: taking care of fees and documents.


Early Childhood Education
Regular: 7:45AM to 12:15PM / 1:15PM to 5:45PM
Full time: 7AM to 7PM
Semi Full time: 7:45AM to 3:10PM / 10:30AM to 5:45PM

Elementary School – Y1 to Y9
Regular: 7:10AM to 12:40PM / 1PM to 6:30PM
Full time: 7AM to 7PM
Semi Full time: 7:10AM to 3:10PM / 10:30AM to 6:30PM